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T: F: E: info tspmedia. The content is aimed at professionals working in horticulture and landscaping, including ornamentals production, landscape design and build, garden and estate management, parks management, professional gardening, turf care and arboriculture. The highly skilled team at TSP Media includes Editor, Sophie Wilesmith, who has extensive experience in technical writing for the horticultural and land management sectors, and a robust marketing duo, Kellie Wake and Dan Codling. This exciting industry brand reflects the diverse and vibrant market through a mix of news, opinion, profiles, features and technical updates, delivering an independent platform for those providing world-class products, services, advice and projects.

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Operation Landscape Rescue

The dark mornings have crept in, and its certainly feeling a little chillier. This month was the first ever autumnal RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and the most exceptional show gardens were on display. The design inspired…. Our September issue is dedicated to industry staff and training. One company, Urban Landscape Design, decided to take matters into their own hands and set up The Landscape Academy, aiming to offer high quality training to help raise standards and improve the perception of the industry from those on the outside looking in.

Now, Lantra approved! August, a month of huge celebration for Pro Landscaper Magazine, as the publication hits its 10th anniversary.

Over the past decade, the magazine has come far, constantly developing and enabling people to share, inspire and be positive about the effects landscaping has on the UK.

Receiving an overwhelming amount of support from the industry since , we discuss industry memorable moments, testimonials, and newcomers, and the top 10 Pro Landscaper moments which do include awarding outstanding businesses, and a royal engagement. This issue is jam-packed full, and we….

The way we live and work is changing, so our towns and cities surely need to change too. Fortunately, the High Street Task Force was set up pre-pandemic and is working hard to regenerate these once-loved spots.

We spoke to experts on the taskforce on pedestrianizing high streets, the benefits of temporary schemes and how to foster…. This year is no different. By the time our April issue reached readers, spring was well and truly here. Perhaps less exciting, depending on how your business has fared throughout the pandemic, is the end of the fiscal year in a few days.

Looking ahead to this, we asked our UK Landscape Barometer contributors whether they are looking to increase staff salaries…. Last year, our inaugural Green Issue was published before the first national lockdown was announced. Back then, at the start of , the conversation around the environment seemed unstoppable. Climate change protests were commonplace and reducing our carbon footprint was a hot topic at most industry events.

One year later and we published our second Green Issue in the third national lockdown in the last 12 months. Whilst the world has changed perhaps permanently thanks to a global pandemic, we wanted to know what had changed in terms of sustainability.

Had it remained at the top of the agenda or…. And yet, here we are, once again being told to stay indoors to save lives and protect the NHS. Unfortunately for many, the fun of homeschooling is added to the equation. When your issue arrives, the picture to colour is on the same piece of paper as your address. And sorry, the…. For our January issue, we asked industry experts what their predictions are for the next 12 months, and most of these were around a growing demand for sustainable and natural gardens.

Contributor Katie Flaxman also hopes for the public to further connect with…. Our December issue marked the end of a difficult and challenging year, not just for us at Pro Landscaper but also for those who read our magazine and contribute to it. Over the last 12 months, we have heard stories of struggle, but we have also heard from companies and individuals who have overcome adversity and adapted to a changed world. We have thankfully continued to see new projects announced too, or existing ones continue, such as the Urban Nature Project at the Natural History Museum in London, which features as our Future Project this month.

We also hear from…. Every year, November is one of our busiest months, and this year was no different. In our November issue, we showcased the incredible seminar programme visitors could experience from the comfort of their own homes and the list of trade exhibitors they could speak to in just a few clicks. Not long after the first lockdown was announced, Johnstone Landscapes told us the measures it was putting in place to survive the pandemic as sites across the UK were temporarily closed.

Six months later, we chatted to Tessa Johnstone about how these measures had panned out pretty well, it turns out and about her role as a BALI board member. In our previous issue, we discussed how the industry could appeal to those from BAME backgrounds; this…. So, now the issue has been raised, what can we do about it? Juliet Sargeant wrote an incredible piece for us in our September issue, an article that was no doubt tough to write, sharing her own thoughts and experiences as well as providing suggestions for ways you can act right now to make a difference.

The August issue brings with it stories of success and ending of eras. Last month, the industry also celebrated the achievements of Adam White as he passed his Landscape Institute presidency over to Jane Findlay of Fira. In his column, he reflects back on the last two….

Throughout lockdown, the Pro Landscaper team has been eager to continue delivering information and inspiration. Amid the coronavirus lockdown, our May issue is full of positivity and advice.

We learn how businesses are handling the current lockdown, offer some tips and advice on working from home and hear from Sue Biggs on the cancellation of Chelsea and how now is the time for the industry to come together.

We also hear from Mark Fane, managing director of Crocus, about the companies glowing history and how the cancellation of Chelsea has impacted it. We also delve into the success of The Paul Hogarth Company as it reaches its 50th year. For all this and more view…. For clients that wanted to be outside whatever the weather, the Renson Camargue Skye was the perfect solution Renson ambassador Shade Zone had a client who recently moved into a new home with a spacious garden that had never been fully utilised.

As part of a complete overhaul of the garden, the client wanted an area solely dedicated to year-long and weather resistant socialising. We also followed up with Rupert Keys and Ruth Gwynn of Keyscape, whose Heath Manor portfolio was featured on the cover of our first issue, and caught up with others who have featured in various issues throughout the years, such as in our Look Out For Revisited feature. The December issue has a special focus on Scotland.

As well as a focus on Scotland this issue also includes coverage of FutureScape and our site visit to British Sugar Topsoil. On 17 October we also held our first ever Future Landscape Conference in London, coverage of the event can be found in this issue. For all of this and more click…. Autumn Banner. Gemma Lloyd October 7,Gemma Lloyd September 5,Gemma Lloyd August 4,Nina Mason July 8,Nina Mason June 3,Nina Mason May 6,Nina Mason April 1,Nina Mason February 25,Nina Mason February 4,Nina Mason January 1,Nina Mason December 3,Nina Mason November 5,Nina Mason October 7,Nina Mason September 3,Nina Mason August 6,Nina Mason July 9,Nina Mason June 9,Rachael Forsyth April 30,Rachael Forsyth April 3,Rachael Forsyth April 2,Joe Wilkinson March 5,Nina Mason January 9,Nina Mason December 11,Nina Mason November 11,Next page.

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Landscape Architecture Australia

A spectacular landscape design cannot be purchased as you would a new car. Sure, you could commission a designer to repeat a familiar pattern, adjusting it just enough to suit your particular site, but will that design have a sense of place or the individuality that a bespoke design would have provided? The design brief may be conceived entirely by the client prior to meeting the designer, or an initial consultation can take place with the designer preparing a brief based on the needs and wants expressed by the client during that meeting. The brief pulls together all the key pieces of the puzzle and provides the conceptual building blocks for the design. As the design concept is developed, all essential elements are integrated into the design with the landscape designer ensuring there is a harmonious relationship between spaces.

The Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House, "Pineapple Acre," will feature the work of more than 20 interior and landscape designers.

Landscape Architecture Magazine

Founders of the new field included a diverse array of positions—from those embodying a tradition of landscape gardening and rural improvement through those advocating for landscape as an architectural and urban art. In contrast, Continental practices of urban improvement allied with landscape promised a very different scope of work for the new professional. Complicating matters further was the desire by many for a distinct singular identity, not easily confused with any of the existing professional and artistic categories. While there was great enthusiasm for the articulation of a new profession attendant to those concerns, it was much less clear what to call the new profession and its related field of study. By the end of the 19th century the available professional identities architect, engineer, gardener were perceived by many to be inadequate to new conditions. What did it mean for the founders of this new field to claim landscape as architecture? What alternative identities were available to the founders of the field? How do those choices continue to inform the professional purview and intellectual commitments of the field today? By the end of the 19th century, American boosters of the new art of landscape committed the nascent profession to an identity associated with the old art of architecture.

Landscape Design Workshop featured in World Architecture & Design Magazine

All Rights Reserved. Box Boulder, COPrint Digital E-Newsletters. Garden Design 5 Long-Lasting Lilacs.

Create Professional Landscape Designs.

Landscape Design: Ten Important Things to Consider

Landscape architecture is the comprehensive discipline of land analysis, planning, design, management, preservation, and rehabilitation. The profession of landscape architecture has been built on the principles of dedication to the public safety, health and welfare; and recognition and protection of the land and its resources. Currently 47 states require landscape architects to be licensed or registered. Although requirements vary from state to state, licensure is based upon the Landscape Architecture Registration Examination L. Beginning with 11 original members, ASLA has grown to more than 15, members and 48 chapters, representing all 50 states, U. ASLA promotes the landscape architecture profession and advances the practice through advocacy, education, communication and fellowship.

Digital Landscape Design

AILDM promotes the importance of Landscape Design and Environmental Management for a positive impact and ecological sustainability on our collective environment. We support our members with industry advice, networking opportunities and ongoing development of business and technical skills. Our members have professional qualifications and are required to continue their professional development through our CPD Program. All members have a sound knowledge of design principles, horticulture and environmental management. They design for private homes, commercials spaces, multi dwellings, aged care, public parks, schools and playgrounds.

Dive in and enjoy this issue of Landscapes|Paysages. Read Canadian Architect magazine online and learn about architecture projects, ideas and awards.

World landscape architecture day

This book captures the essence of how the world is designed around us. Event Details: Thursday, October 14th. Washington, D.

Landscape Architecture

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The dark mornings have crept in, and its certainly feeling a little chillier. This month was the first ever autumnal RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and the most exceptional show gardens were on display. The design inspired…. Our September issue is dedicated to industry staff and training. One company, Urban Landscape Design, decided to take matters into their own hands and set up The Landscape Academy, aiming to offer high quality training to help raise standards and improve the perception of the industry from those on the outside looking in.

Chris was also recognized by Colorado Homes and Lifestyles magazine, by being named Top 5 Under 40, which spotlight the hottest emerging talent in residential design in Colorado. Selected by an expert design panel, Five Under 40 winners are the people to watch, producing some of the most stunning and innovative work available today.

Dietmar has had the opportunity of dealing with a diverse range of assignments in his career, in very different places, cultures, sites and countries - both as a teacher and as a landscape architect and urban designer. He has been tackling gardens and landscapes, squares and cities for more than 30 years and have gained a fundamental understanding and knowledge of design, urban nature and ecology. He believes that an intelligent cross-linking of ecology, design, art and engineering will provide sustainable solutions for humankind and nature. Gardens and landscapes are experimental grounds for innovation and improvisation. Dietmar embarks on the search for expression in open space design strategically navigating between the adventurous and the everyday. Teaching, research and practice, as well as a robust interdisciplinary discourse are the indispensable sources of his passionate quest to innovatively apply landscape architecture as a social, ecological and spatial transformer for everyday landscapes. The hectare Garden was part of the Expo in Shanghai and is among the largest botanical gardens in the world.

Designer Profile, est. The Planthunter, an online journal. Inherently Australian.

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